Do You Have a WISP? (Written Information Security Program)

Michigan adopted a strict cybersecurity protocol for insurers licensed in the state. It sets out a standard to protect the non-public personal information of clients, customers, employees, contractors, and anyone else who gives private information to your business. One key part of the law is the requirement that insurers have a Written Information Security Program (WISP). Find out what’s included, and why you need it.

Michigan Sets Cybersecurity Standard for State Insurance Industry

For the past year, Michigan law has required insurers doing business in the state to put the cybersecurity needs of their customers first. By adopting a version of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Insurance Data Security Model Law, the state became the fifth in the nation to prioritize consumers’ personal security.

Is Your Website Fast Enough for Your Users?

When it comes to the Internet, speed is key. But it’s not just about clocking your office’s upload and download speeds. You also need to pay attention to how fast your website loads and catches your users’ attention. If your website isn’t fast enough, your users might “bounce” and you might lose customers before you even make your pitch. Find out what is slowing your website down and holding your business back.

What’s in a Cookie and Will It Get Crumbs in My Computer?

For the last year or more, most of the websites you visit have contained a pop-up warning you that the site uses cookies and asking you to accept their use. You may have even put one on your own website. But the cookies websites use aren’t always sweet and chewy. If you are going to use cookies, make sure you know their ingredients.