What is Your Cyber-Theft Prevention Plan?

What is your cyber-theft prevention plan?

You don’t have to be a tech guru to know that cybersecurity is a big deal. When the U.S. government and a major financial player like Equifax get hacked, it’s time to take the issue seriously. So what is your cyber-theft prevention plan?

5 Must-Have Features of a Strong Modern Website

5 Must-Have Features of a Strong Modern Website

Most companies aren’t looking to update their website every year. High-quality web development comes with a price tag, so you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here are 5 must-have features for a strong modern website.

How Your Website Can Kill Your PCI Compliance

How Your Website Can Kill Your PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can intimidate business owners. When credit card transactions occur online it can feel like anything that happens is out of your hands – it is up to merchant service providers to make sure you are secure. In fact, your own website can kill your PCI compliance and put your customers’ personal data at risk.

5 Things to Do Offline to Meet PCI Compliance

Many small business owners think PCI compliance just means hiring the right merchant service provider. But protecting your customers’ identities and credit card information goes beyond the screen. Find out what you should be doing offline to meet PCI compliance standards.

It’s Time To Stop Ignoring PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is crucial for anyone accepting online orders and payments on their company website. Many small business owners assume their online payment system is secure and protected, but cybersecurity is hardly a "set it up and forget about it" proposition. 

Is Your Online Store PCI Compliant?

Are you considering accepting online orders and payments on your company's website? As e-commerce becomes an increasingly common way to sell products and services, many small businesses are interested in creating an online store. However, taking your customers' credit card information online carries inherent risk for your company. If credit card fraud occurs and it is determined that your website is not PCI compliant, the cost could put your company out of business. It's important to know that your website is PCI compliant so that you can protect your customers and conduct business with confidence.

How a Google & Symantec Fight Over Internet Security Could Affect Your Business

Everyone knows Google, but you may not know the important role cyber-security firms like Symantec play in keeping your business’s website up and running. When these two giants go head-to-head on Internet security, it could mean trouble for your company.

Is Your Website “Not Secure” According to Google Chrome?

Since January 2017, Google Chrome has begun warning users when they visit websites that are “Not Secure”. Find out what the warning means, and what you can do to fix it on your company website.

Haven’t Used Yahoo In Years? You Still May Be Hacked

Yahoo’s most recent security breach could have far-reaching consequences, even to former users. Find out if you could be hacked because of an old, dormant Yahoo account.

Web Counseling for Holey Websites

Sometimes it can feel like your website needs the help of a web counseling service support group. In this blog post, we will meet Holey, a website who is vulnerable to security gaps. We'll see how Provisio Technology Solutions can update a "holey" website, and get it back to work.


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