Smiling woman at computer desk

For many small businesses, there is no one in the organization who has more access to sensitive and confidential information than your IT staff.  They are in possession of passwords for the company’s financial software, can access sensitive documents and have the ability to read anyone’s email – including yours.  Hiring a whiz kid or someone with multiple obscure-sounding certifications just because they seem to know a lot may seem like a good decision at the time, but consider whether they know what they shouldn’t know –that they are someone you trust.  Once you’ve found the right

Windows 8 screenshot

Windows 8 has been available to the public since Microsoft announced the availability of its Consumer Preview back on February 29.  (Leaping ahead on Leap Day?)  There have been a number of subsequent iterations, including the more recent Enterprise evaluation edition which I’ve been using for the past week.  This is the version that IT professionals will be looking at to see whether there are any compelling reasons to adopt it in the enterprise.  Microsoft’s attractive upgrade pricing will encourage IT departments to reconsider finally moving their users from the venerable XP, especially s

Microsoft Suerface tablet

It has been nearly three months since Microsoft announced the Surface tablet PC, their first foray into the production of the hardware that runs their Windows OS.  Since then, there have been numerous announcements of new Windows 8 tablets/PCs from other hardware manufacturers, but none has captured the attention nor fueled the imagination like Microsoft’s Surface. 

Cloud image with software program logos

These days you hear the word cloud whenever you are in a discussion related to technology.  As ubiquitous as the word is, you’d think that the definition would be just as well-known, but ask someone to describe “The Cloud” and you may find the explanation pretty cloudy, too.