SEO for Business Owners: Keyword Phrases and Related Terms

SEO for Small Business depends on Keyword phrases and related terms

To make the most of their web marketing budget, small business owners need a basic understanding of SEO and how keywords work. This blog series has already showed you how modern keywords work and where they are most effective. Now, you will learn how keywords can work together to push your SEO even higher.

SEO For Business Owners: Your Keyword Roadmap Matters

As a business owner getting ready for a website overhaul, you need to know how to make the most of your web marketing dollars. In the last post, you learned how modern keywords work. Now you'll see where your keywords work best.

SEO For Business Owners: Keywords Then and Now

If you are a business owner preparing for a website update, there are some SEO basics you should know. Getting your head around SEO starts with understanding keywords and how their use has changed over time.

What Are Your Top Keywords?

To start, you and your marketing team will need to decide on your top keywords. These are the words and phrases prospective clients are likely to use to find your business. They may include your business name, products and services, geographic terms, and frequently searched terms related to what you do.

Stop Using Keywords! The Importance of Natural Language

Somewhere along the line, a web marketing person probably taught you the importance of keywords – target phrases that make sure search engines can find you and your web content. Here's the thing – the keyword is dead. Don't keep relying on this outdated SEO method. Get ahead using natural language.

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