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SEO For Business Owners: Keywords Then and Now

If you are a business owner preparing for a website update, there are some SEO basics you should know. Getting your head around SEO starts with understanding keywords and how their use has changed over time.

What Are Your Top Keywords?

To start, you and your marketing team will need to decide on your top keywords. These are the words and phrases prospective clients are likely to use to find your business. They may include your business name, products and services, geographic terms, and frequently searched terms related to what you do.

Is Your SEO Out of Date?

As a business owner, you probably hear a lot about SEO these days. If you had your website professionally designed, you may think you've got it handled. But if you don't keep your website programing and content updated, your SEO could be out of date.

SEO is one piece of an Internet marketing puzzle involving everything from the words you use to the programing behind the scenes. When you talk to a marketing strategist, they will often talk about SEO as if it is a magical formula, but it's not.

Guest Post: To Stay on Top of SEO, Update Content Often

You've invested a lot of money into your website. You've gotten everything just right – layout, pictures, content. You've successfully launched the site and you're done, right? Wrong.

As much as busy professionals might like to, you can't just leave a website alone and expect it to continue to provide a return on its investment. That would be like paying a graphic designer to create a newspaper ad for your business, but never putting it in any papers! You need to keep it fresh.