How Your Website Can Kill Your PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can intimidate business owners. When credit card transactions occur online it can feel like anything that happens is out of your hands – it is up to merchant service providers to make sure you are secure. In fact, your own website can kill your PCI compliance and put your customers’ personal data at risk.

SEO for Business Owners: Keyword Phrases and Related Terms

To make the most of their web marketing budget, small business owners need a basic understanding of SEO and how keywords work. This blog series has already showed you how modern keywords work and where they are most effective. Now, you will learn how keywords can work together to push your SEO even higher.

Take Online Ticket Sales & Event Management In-House

If success in your business means crowded events or sold-out seminars, you may be giving a lot of money away to online ticket sales companies like Eventbrite. But what if you could move ticket sales and event management in house? How much money would you save by having a website that could do the work for you?

When your business model depends on recruiting customers to attend events, every ticket is part of your bottom line. Whether you are booking concerts, scheduling seminars, or facilitating networking meetings, you make your money based on how many people show up.