Is Drupal Free to Use?

To say we think about Drupal a lot is an understatement. It is pretty much non-stop Drupal here at Provisio, but what exactly is Drupal? And is it free? Put simply, Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS), meaning it is free to use and does not require license or subscription fees. It's mostly built in the PHP programing language, and it is designed to create websites for use on a variety of web servers.

Custom Software Development for the Financial Industry

We recently launched several projects for clients in the financial industry, including a new web-based software for a wealth management firm. The financial industry, or fintech, presents a unique set of challenges that we are able to tackle at Provisio. So, what exactly is involved in developing custom software for the financial industry?

What Systems Integration Can Do For Your Company’s Efficiency

Look at your computer desktop right now. How many programs do you have running? How many tabs are open in your web browser? If you are like many small business owners and managers, you use a host of different programs, websites, and applications to make your business work. But what if a systems integration audit could declutter your desktop and improve your company’s efficiency?

How Your Website Can Kill Your PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can intimidate business owners. When credit card transactions occur online it can feel like anything that happens is out of your hands – it is up to merchant service providers to make sure you are secure. In fact, your own website can kill your PCI compliance and put your customers’ personal data at risk.

Is Your Website “Not Secure” According to Google Chrome?

Since January 2017, Google Chrome has begun warning users when they visit websites that are “Not Secure”. Find out what the warning means, and what you can do to fix it on your company website.

When it comes to web marketing, the last thing a business owner wants is a third party scaring away visitors. But if you haven’t taken some steps toward cybersecurity, you could be seeing just that.

Working With Your Web Development Company

How did you communicate with your last web development company? If you had a question for your designer or needed to review your content, where would you go? At Provisio Technology Solutions, we want to make it easy for you to stay on top of your web development project.

Communication Is Crucial

When it comes to marketing, it is crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page. Branding, imagery, colors, layout – everything needs to be coordinated. It is just as important that you and your web developer communicate about your company’s needs behind the scenes.