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What Systems Integration Can Do For Your Company’s Efficiency

Look at your computer desktop right now. How many programs do you have running? How many tabs are open in your web browser? If you are like many small business owners and managers, you use a host of different programs, websites, and applications to make your business work. But what if a systems integration audit could declutter your desktop and improve your company’s efficiency?

Business Owners Give Thanks For Integrated Database Solutions

As the year draws to a close and Thanksgiving approaches, business owners who made an investment into integrated database solutions are beginning to see a return, and giving thanks for it. Find out how customized web solutions can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and help your company be more responsive to its customers.

Does Your Website Need a Database?

You may think only big corporations need full databases on their websites. But even small businesses can benefit from the added functionality a database can provide. Before writing it off as extravagant, consider how much work your website could be doing for you.

Websites sometimes get a bad wrap. Some business owners seem to think that a website is nothing but an online business card or advertisement. These same people often complain that they don’t see a return on the investment they put into keeping their website looking sharp.

Give it a Good Scrub: Data Synchronization

How is your database? Do you have good systems in place to manage errors and duplicate entries, or is someone at your business still making corrections by hand? Manual database management can be messy and leave a lot of clutter behind.

If you have a successful business, you have to manage a lot of information. From lead generation, to client data, to inventory, every company has data it has to keep track of. Most business owners implement databases to keep all of their data together. But manual databases have their limitations.