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Does Your Website Need a Database?

You may think only big corporations need full databases on their websites. But even small businesses can benefit from the added functionality a database can provide. Before writing it off as extravagant, consider how much work your website could be doing for you.

Websites sometimes get a bad wrap. Some business owners seem to think that a website is nothing but an online business card or advertisement. These same people often complain that they don’t see a return on the investment they put into keeping their website looking sharp.

Is Your Website Like an Expired Chocolate Bar?

Did you know that websites expire? Like an old chocolate bar, you might still be able to use an outdated website, but it won’t be as good as it was when it was new. Find out why a fresh website should be part of your 2017 marketing plan.

Websites should come with expiration dates. Okay, they won’t stop working (unless your hosting doesn’t renew), but if you let your website sit on the shelf too long it won’t do everything it could to help you build your business.