Custom Software Development for the Financial Industry

We recently launched several projects for clients in the financial industry, including a new web-based software for a wealth management firm. The financial industry, or fintech, presents a unique set of challenges that we are able to tackle at Provisio. So, what exactly is involved in developing custom software for the financial industry?

Questions to Ask When Designing A Website: The Basics

So, it’s time for your company to invest in a new website.

It’s tempting to jump in with both feet, but there are a lot of questions you should ask to ensure your new website is built to be exactly what you need for your business.

But first, why do you need to ask these questions?

Reason 1: Scope Creep

The Agile Method of Custom Software Development

It’s usually a big, exciting day when your new website launches. The process of getting there may not be as exciting, but it’s crucial for making that launch day a success.  In the past, the most common method for developing software was the waterfall model: clients listed each requirement and every functionality. Then the whole workflow model was finalized before the development process even started. Once the development was underway, the client only got to see the final product with little to no change taking place during the development cycle.

Planning a New Website? You Don’t Need to Ditch Proprietary Software

Planning a new business website can be exciting, and overwhelming. If your business relies on a variety of proprietary software subscriptions, the idea of starting from scratch on a custom software option may seem like a recipe for trouble. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? By integrating proprietary software into your custom web solution, you can improve customer experiences, streamline productivity, and avoid costly retraining.

Build vs Buy: Do You Need Custom Enterprise Software for Your Business?

Are you opening a dozen spreadsheets a day? Is everything boxed into a rigid system that doesn’t flex to meet your business needs? If your current software situation doesn’t feel right, you may be looking for something new. But should buy or build? Does your company need a custom enterprise software, or is there already a proprietary app that does the job?

Empower Leaders in Your Active Adult Community Through LifestyleLink

Seniors and retirees are doing a lot these days. Social clubs, activities, community service projects, and exercise programs fill the calendars of active adults. And that can put a lot on the plates of active adult community managers. Empower the leaders of your community to take on more of the administrative load using the all-in-one community management tool, LifestyleLink.

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