Top 10 Tips for eCommerce PCI Compliance

Top 10 Tips for eCommerce PCI Compliance

If your company relies on eCommerce, online PCI compliance is a key part of making business run smoothly. But the process of becoming PCI compliant can seem technical, complicated, and often overwhelming. Here are 10 top tips you can do right now to get moving in the right direction.

It’s Time To Stop Ignoring PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is crucial for anyone accepting online orders and payments on their company website. Many small business owners assume their online payment system is secure and protected, but cybersecurity is hardly a "set it up and forget about it" proposition. 

Is Your Online Store PCI Compliant?

Are you considering accepting online orders and payments on your company's website? As e-commerce becomes an increasingly common way to sell products and services, many small businesses are interested in creating an online store. However, taking your customers' credit card information online carries inherent risk for your company. If credit card fraud occurs and it is determined that your website is not PCI compliant, the cost could put your company out of business. It's important to know that your website is PCI compliant so that you can protect your customers and conduct business with confidence.

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