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When Squarespace (and Wix) Aren’t Enough For Your Business

Squarespace, Wix, and DIY web tools can't measure up to professional web development

Squarespace and Wix make their money off of small business owners looking to trim their marketing budget by doing a little DIY. There may be a place for user-created websites, but when you’re ready to do business, you’ll need a web developer.

Using Survey Monkey to Stay Connected to your Members

How does your community association board stay connected with the needs of your members? Do you know the needs you hear represent the whole neighborhood, rather than just a few vocal individuals? What if you could use an online service like SurveyMonkey to poll your community members and keep in touch with their needs?

Web Designer or Web Developer? What's the Difference?

If your company is looking to update its online image and functionality, chances are you started your Internet search for a local web designer or web developer. But what's the difference? Are the two terms interchangeable? While design is important, a good web designer isn't enough to turn your adequate website into a multi-functional web portal for clients and staff. For that, you need a web developer.

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